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Project description

The Twinning project KS 10 IB EN 01 titled ÔÇ£Institutional Support to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial PlanningÔÇØ is addressed to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Kosovo in completing and enforcing the implementation of secondary legislation on the environmental and spatial planning sector, with the overall aim to adapt legislation to EU environmental acquis communautaire and provide better living conditions for citizens of Kosovo.

More in particular, the project is focused on the following key environmental areas:

  • Water quality and water resources management;
  • Waste management;
  • Spatial urban planning, housing and constructions;
  • Nature protection and biodiversity.

And is articulated into 4 components: 

Main data: 

Date of project start: 01/12/2011
Date of project finalisation: 30/11/2013
Duration in months: 24
Overall cost: 2.0 milion Ôé¼
Eu contribution: 1.8 milion Ôé¼┬á