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C2: Assistance in Monitoring the Water Quality and Water Resource Management

In the recent years important efforts have been made in Kosovo to get closer to the European Framework Directive (EC/2000/06) requirements in the adoption of monitoring measures for river basin management and water quality control.

At this stage, there is still the need for the definition of an institutional organization and coordination among actors that are operating in the field and the improvement of a water management and monitoring system that responds to EU directives and that is integrated with national legislation in force.

The need for the definition and identification of roles and responsibilities both at local and central level will be pursued by a participatory methodology with the organization of Working Groups that will involve both officials from Ministry, managers from water companies and municipal environmental inspectors.

The component will focus on this need and requirements and will be addressed to the implementation of a water management and monitoring system where management bodies have direct and defined responsibilities.

Main results:

  • Assessment of competences and responsibilities of different actors operating in the water sector;
  • Water Emergency Plan and draft Plan for River Basin Management;
  • Recommendations for improvement of Data Quality System;
  • Awareness raising among stakeholders and general public.