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C1: Review of Environmental Legislative Framework

This component is aimed at identifying areas in which the Kosovan secondary legislation should be modified or developed according to main EU directives and regulations.

Actually specific primary legislation in the environmental sector has already been adopted by the Assembly, but to guarantee the fully transposition of EU acquis there is the need to integrate it with a secondary legislation and with a further analysis of existing gaps in the approved primary legislation, that takes into account also the human, material and financial resources available.

Therefore, the activity will be addressed to the finalization of a Draft Environmental Approximation Plan for Kosovo, where primary legislation is analysed and review and secondary legislation drafted in compliance with EU acquis.

Specific attention will be dedicated to the organization of workshops for key stakeholders and of environmental inspectorates for strengthening their knowledge on the legislation in force, and to general public, NGOs and civil society for raising their awareness on the importance of the adoption of environmental measures.

Main results:

  • Gap analysis on existing discrepancies between Kosovan primary and secondary legislation and the EU acquis, in the related fields;
  • Set of recommendations and actions necessary to fulfil and implement EU regulations and acquis;
  • Environmental Approximation Strategy ÔÇô EAS;
  • Secondary legislation on waste, urban management and nature protection and on environmental monitoring and quality control drafted;
  • Awareness raising among stakeholders and general public.