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C3: Strengthening of Waste Management Legal and Institutional Framework

Component 3 objective is to analyse the existing waste management organisation in Kosovo both at central and local level and to promote its improvement by the drafting of new regulations, guidelines, reports and recommendations.

The state-of-the-art analysis will be a fundamental starting point of this component: it will be aimed at a general assessment of the waste management skills of the personnel actually employed within MESP and local authorities as well as at the definition of a register of qualified waste management operators and of waste pressure sources of the country.

The improvement of the national and municipal waste management organisation will be implemented by: 1) the elaboration of a Draft Waste Management Plan, aimed both at the updating of existing documents and at providing Kosovo with an overall waste planning structure for Kosovo territory; 2) training of local operators, provided by best practices exchange and study tours; 3) the drafting of specific Guidelines for the key operators involved in the waste management, monitoring and inspection.

Main results:

  • Guidelines for waste management organization;
  • Report on competences and responsibilities of waste management institutions;
  • Draft Waste Management Plan and completion of Municipal Waste Management Plans and on waste treatment environmental inspection;
  • Awareness raising among stakeholders and general public.