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C4: Urban Planning and Prevention of Illegal Construction

Main aim of this component will be to support both the central and local administrations of Kosovo in Spatial Planning management.

Fundamental premises of component 4 activities will be an analysis both of the interconnections between local and central level and of the main existing gaps, weaknesses and obstacles in the implementation of the Law on Spatial Planning and in the application of EU directives and guidelines. Then, starting from this initial analysis, the structures that could support the activities of the Spatial Planning Institute will be identified, also checking if they are sufficiently adequate to apply an updated legal framework, in accordance with EU directives. A specific study will be implemented in order to assess the applicability of the Spatial Plan to local characteristics, support a balanced development between developed areas and areas with lower economic development, provide recommendations and determine the general principles of best practices in spatial planning.

Finally Kosovo institutions charged with Spatial Planning will be supported in the reviewing and preparing  of procedures and guidelines for the drafting of urban spatial plans and in the issuing of construction permits, so as to strengthen MESP and ISP administrative capacities in the application of an updated regulatory system.

Main results:

  • Guidelines for the setting of an efficient system for issuing and monitoring construction permits;
  • Draft Kosovo Spatial Planning Plan;
  • Assessment of administrative framework structure;
  • Draft Strategy and Action Plan for Nature and Biodiversity;
  • Awareness raising among stakeholders and general public.