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Project Beneficiary

Beneficiary of the assistance provided by the present Twinning Project will be the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) of Kosovo.

Its role is to develop, co-ordinate, monitor and oversee the environmental protection sector, with specific regard to water resources management and spatial planning. MESP has a Minister with a Cabinet, a Permanent Secretary Office and is articulated in 7 Departments (the Environmental Protection Department-EPD, the Spatial Planning Department -SPD, the Housing and Construction Department-HCD, the Water Department-WD, the Central Administration Department-CAD, the Procurement Department-PD and the National Parks Management Department-NPMD).

In particular the TWINNING assistance will be mainly addressed to the following 3 MESP beneficiary departments:

  1. The Environmental Protection Department (EPD), which is organised in the following divisions: Division of General Policy for Environmental Protection, Division for Environmental Protection, Division for Nature Protection and Division of Waste Management. The Division for Nature Protection includes the National Parks Sector and 5 Regional Offices located in Pristine, Mitovica, Peja, Prizren and Gjilan which act as links of communication between the Ministry and the Municipalities.
  2. The Water Department (WD), which is organised in 3 divisions:
  • The General Water Policy Division which carries out analysis and strategic planning on the use, exploitation and protection of waters;
  • The Division for Water Resources Management which carries out administrative-legal tasks for the direct application of provisions related to water economy regarding the use and protection of water from negative impacts, water protection from pollution, protection and control of water quality, water regulation and water flows, protection from erosion and streams regulation. The Division works on establishing priorities on the distribution and use of waters, licences, etc.
  • The Division for River Basin Coordination, which collects data, establishes and organises database on river basins, collects information on monitoring, cooperates with other relative institutions of Kosovo, maintains evidence on water property, governs water resources in river basin level including planning and compensation for using and polluting waters, carries out environmental impact assessments during development of spatial and urban plans, supervises researches, protection of public interest, controls the temporary hydro-economic permission.
  1. The Housing and Construction Department (HCD), composed by the Housing Division and the Construction Division. The first one is articulated into 3 Sections (the Housing Policy Section, the Social Housing Section and the Section for the Management of Housing Funds) while the Construction Division is articulated in the Section for the Technical Regulations and Construction Materials, the Legislative Construction Section and the Licensing Section. HCD function is to monitor and analyse housing and constructions, to develop and propose strategies, programs and measures, to implement them, to prepare and coordinate professional works on drafting laws and regulations and  to monitor their application and to participate in international cooperation in the field of housing and construction.

For more information it is possible to visit the web site http://mmph.rks-gov.net/?cid=2,55